State Representative

Greg Walden photo

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: U.S. Representative

    Occupational Background: Oregon Small Business Owner for more than 21 years

    Educational Background: Graduate: University of Oregon; Hood River Valley High School

    Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon legislature

    Get America working again.

    “Congress needs to control spending and cut taxes for individuals and small businesses to create jobs. The federal government collects plenty of tax revenue. Additional tax increases will only hurt the economy and slow the recovery. Let’s change forest policy and put people back to work in the woods making our forests healthier, producing biomass energy and lumber.

    “I grew up on a cherry orchard in The Dalles, and my wife and I were small business owners in Oregon for nearly 22 years. I know what it takes to create jobs, sign the front of a payroll check and grow the food we eat.”

    Stop the wasteful spending.

    “Congress needs to stop wasting taxpayer money on big government takeovers and spending programs that don’t produce jobs but leave our kids and grandkids with an unconscionable debt.

    Taxpayers need real protection regardless of who is in charge in Washington. I’ve voted against the outrageous spending increases and support a constitutional limit on spending.”

    Reform Congress.

    “I’m disappointed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for breaking her promise to make government more open and transparent. Congress should put proposed legislation on the internet for everyone to read. Passing 2,000-page bills no one has read is just wrong.”

    “Walden deserves praise for championing an idea whose time has come: that our legislators, let alone the American public, be granted a full 72 hours to read and—perhaps!—understand important legislation…” Hood River News, 10-03-09

    “..Greg Walden is once again taking aim at the growing federal budget deficit…Walden says the pressure of overtaxation is killing business....” KBND, 6-10-10

    “Walden…stands alone among the Oregon delegation in Congress in trying to actively manage federal forests and put people back to work.” Grants Pass Daily Courier, 9-2-09

    (This information furnished by Walden for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722