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Hilda M


  • Occupation: Coordinator - High Desert Partnership; Office Manager - The Truck Shop

    Occupational Background: Motorola Government Electronics Group - Engineering; Harney County Circuit Court - Acting Trial Court Administrator; The Truck Stop - Manager, Cook, Waitress, Fueling Attendant, Bookkeeper; Allison LLC Water Tenders - Seasonal Water Truck Driver; Monaco Coach - Human Resource Administrator; High Desert Partnership - Coordinator

    Educational Background: Graduate of Burns Union High School; AA Degree Electrical Engineering - DeVry Institute of Technology; Engineering Certification through Motorola Government Electronics Group

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    Although County Government is healthy our local economy continues to suffer. Our economic base has slipped away and we now find ourselves in the position of rebuilding and restructuring our economic future. Our economic growth has been at a stand still for years.

    Agriculture, ranching and the timber industry have been the cornerstone of our economy, but the vision needs to be broader. You would sell our community short by thinking we had nothing else to offer. County Government must become an entrepreneurial partner with the private sector and work together as one. An emphasis must be placed on putting Harney County citizens back to work, this can only be accomplished through collaborative efforts.

    Corrective action must be taken. We must look forward with new insight, new ideas, better objectives and if nothing else a "Can Do" attitude.

    We are not truly healthy unless the entire community prospers.

    I plan on giving our community vision, direction and hope. It can be done.

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    (This information furnished by Hilda M. Allison.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722