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  • Occupation: Small Business Owner; Senior Engineer, EWEB

    Occupational Background: Engineer

    Educational Background: BS University of Maryland; Licensed Professional Engineer

    Prior Governmental Experience: Lane Community College Board, Chair 2007; Lane Economic Committee; River Road/ Santa Clara Urban Services Committee

    Community Involvement: Rotary; Fern Ridge Chamber; Santa Clara/River Road Library Founding Board; Involved in district since 1993 with wife Elizabeth

    Break Up the Gang of Three and Elect Jay Bozievich
    Job Creation and Support for Public Safety
    are Jay's Top Priorities

    "Lane County needs new leadership in County Government to promote jobs, economic growth and insure public safety. The "gang of three" represents politics of the past with three anti growth members. Electing Jay will break this cycle of economic decline."

    Jennifer Solomon, Eugene City Councilor

    Jay Bozievich: Focused on Issues to Get Us Back on Track

    Support for business growth and new jobs. Jay's top priority is to support business growth and to increase job opportunities. Whether it is new tax incentives, reduced regulation or just a new attitude, a new approach is crucial to get us back on track.

    Reform County Government, Limit Spending. Jay wants more accountability from County Government. The County can do a better job of prioritizing expenditures, cutting waste and making it easier to do business.

    Public Safety, More Important than Ever. Jay's second highest priority is insuring public safety gets the attention it demands to insure rural patrols and faster response times.

    "Lane County has one of the most under-staffed police force in the entire nation. We need Jay Bozievich management skills to protect it."

    Doug Harcleroad, Retired Lane County District Attorney

    Politics of the Past.Rust Supported New Taxes, Crippling Business Policies and Forced Annexations

    "The last thing we need is to go back 20 years and re-elect a former County Commissioner who was hostile to business and primarily supported by extreme no-growth environmental groups."

    Duane "Boomer" Wright, Local Public School Principal / Superintendent

    (This information furnished by Friends of Jay Bozievich.)

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