State Representative

Jefferson Smith photo

Democrat (DEM)
Working Families (WFP)

  • Occupation: Nonprofit Director; State Representative.

    Occupational Background: Lawyer; Youth Counselor; Farmhand.

    Educational Background: JD, Harvard Law School; BS, Oregon.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals; Oregon Transparency Commission; Oregon Hunger Task Force; Oregon Economic Gardening Task Force.

    Public Advocate: Founder, Oregon Bus Project; Judge, Classroom Law Project; Founder, Suzanne Outstanding Woman Leaders Award.

    “Life as a new legislator in this economy has been a challenge and honor. Thank you for that honor. I look forward to continuing to serve.”
    Jefferson Smith

    “Too smart to be fooled; too courageous to be scared; too principled to be bought. Just what Oregon needs.”
    Governor John Kitzhaber

    Local Leaders Support Jefferson:
    Tom Barnes, East Portland Graffiti Clean up Program
    Ken Turner, East Portland Chamber of Commerce
    Rev. Reneé Ward
    Former State Representative George Starr, Irene Starr
    Linda Robinson, park advocate
    Dr. James Woods, Parkrose Board of Education
    Annette Mattson, Vice Chair, David Douglas School Board
    Stand for Children, Reynolds Chapter
    Sam Kahl, District 47 Leader
    …many more.

    “Jefferson’s first-term accomplishments are impressive. He’s disciplined, effective, and committed to East Portland.”
    Governor Barbara Roberts

    Fighting for East Portland and East County–safer, more livable
    - Working for a fairer share for our Bedrock communities East of I-205.
    - Helped launch MAXaction to make MAX safer and better.
    - Championed bill combating human trafficking.
    - Sponsored bill holding banks accountable for shady practices.
    - Helped protect schools, public safety, health care.

    …A High-Road Economy–stronger, fairer
    - Passed win-win-win Water Investment Act for jobs, people, environment.
    - Passed Oregon Broadband Commission to improve highspeed Internet access.
    - Sponsored clean jobs bill to weatherize homes, save money.
    - Initiated new homegrown economic strategy for Oregon.
    - Started work on reforming tax-breaks.

    …A More Effective Democracy--accessible, more accountable
    - Passed landmark Transparency Act putting spending online, making government more accountable.
    - Passed Online Voter Registration.
    - Passed Check for Democracy, boosting involvement.
    - Saved Oregon Benchmarks, Progress Board, making government more efficient, accountable.


    (This information furnished by Forward with Jefferson Smith.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722