State Representative

Jim Dyer photo

Democrat (DEM)
Working Families (WFP)

  • Occupation: Retired after 31 years of state service with Department of Employment and Human Services Department.

    Occupational Background: Job Placement Specialist, program manager and social service auditor.

    Educational Background: Etna Union High school, Shasta Junior College, Graduate Oregon State University, Administrative Law training, Gonzaga University.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    Volunteer Experience: Social services volunteer on Board of Catholic Community Services; foster parent for 12 years; President, Marion/Polk Foster Parent Association; volunteer lobbyist for at risk children; Worked to get “double fines in construction zones” passed after son was killed on highway job; Two term president and now director of Salem Electric Cooperative.

    Awards and Recognition: Received Keizer Chamber of Commerce Award “for tireless efforts to make our community a better place for all”. Received plaque for service to children and physically and mentally challenged from Catholic Community Services

    Family: Married to wife, Pat, for 35 years, four grown children all raised in Keizer and attended Cummings Elementary School and McNary High.

    Priorities and goals:

    > Education: Protect our children’s future. Even in an economic downturn education must receive a high priority if our children are to compete for jobs after high school or college.
    > Human resources: Provide needed services. When the economy slows more people require social services.
    > Employees: Save Jobs. Examine service need before cutting jobs. These are false savings.
    > Community: Hear the people. Hear what people’s opinions are. LISTEN.
    > Public Safety. We must adequately fund our public safety officers. This includes local county and state officers. Include adequate number of judges.
    > Taxes: Avoid financial crisis. Our state is one of few that are heavily dependent on income taxes for public programs from general funds. It is affected by a good or bad economy. Reserves need to be established based on past need.

    Endorsed by: Oregon AFL-CIO; Oregon Education Association; SEIU Local 503; Marion County Democratic Central Committee

    (This information furnished by Jim Dyer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722