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Democrat (DEM)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: Health Policy Chair, Foundation for Medical Excellence; President, Estes Park Institute

    Occupational Background: Emergency Room Physician, Roseburg 1974-1988

    Educational Background: South Eugene HS, 1965; B.A., Dartmouth College, 1969; M.D., University of Oregon Medical School, 1973.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Governor 1995-2003; Senate President 1985-1993; State Senator 1981-1993; State Representative 1979-1980

    John Kitzhaber
    Real Commitment to Oregon.

    As an emergency room doctor in rural Oregon, legislator, governor and father, John Kitzhaber has a lifetime commitment to fighting for Oregon. His leadership created change that makes a difference in the lives of Oregonians.

    The Right Experience to Deliver the Change We Need.

    • Delivered healthcare to hundreds of thousands of Oregonians; provided early intervention for at-risk families and children; protected our clean water and salmon; and strengthened the Oregon Recycling Act.
    • Under John Kitzhaber’s leadership, Oregon created 128,000 new jobs, wages and benefits rose by 49% and Oregon’s economy grew by 48%.
    • John Kitzhaber recruited Oregon’s first renewable energy company.

    Now more than ever, Oregon needs John Kitzhaber’s leadership.

    Real Change. Real Results.

    John Kitzhaber understands Oregon’s challenges and knows what to do about them, with solid, step-by-step plans to:

    • Create jobs immediately and restructure our long term economy to compete successfully.
    • Improve education from pre-school to post-secondary, creating a seamless system focused on accountability and student success.
    • Reduce the scope and size of state government to make it financially stable over time while delivering the services Oregonians count on.

    See the Plans at www.johnkitzhaber.com

    John Kitzhaber knows Oregon and shares our values.

    That’s why he has the support of:

    • Democrats like Governor Barbara Roberts
    • Republicans like Secretary of State Norma Paulus
    • And the nomination of the Independent Party of Oregon

    And organizations we trust, including:

    • Planned Parenthood PAC
    • The Sierra Club
    • The Oregon Nurses Association
    • The Oregon Education Association
    • The working families of the Oregon AFL-CIO
    • Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

    (This information furnished by John Kitzhaber.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722