County Office

John K Lindsey photo
John K

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: County Commissioner

    Occupational Background: Business owner, refrigeration, electrician, wood products, U.S. Military.

    Educational Background: Attended Lebanon Union High School, Linn-Benton Community College, Oregon State University.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Selective Service Board, Chairman of the Linn County Extension District, Has served on several State and Federal Advisory Committees for forestry and land use, U.S. Navy, Oregon Army National Guard.

    Married to Linda, 3 children, Lifelong resident of Lebanon.

    John Lindsey - experienced on issues that matter to Citizens of Linn County

    The Economy

    John Lindsey continues to work with local cities and economic development groups to bring family wage jobs and businesses to Linn County. This has resulted in hundreds of new jobs and millions in investments.

    John Lindsey supported the creation of a small business youth mentoring program that has helped improve the work ethic of kids in our county while recognizing the economic hardships of small business in our communities.

    Public Safety

    John Lindsey has worked to support local law enforcement. Public safety is a top priority of our citizens and county. John will continue to oppose the states plan to place the criminally insane in our neighborhoods.

    John Lindsey worked to improve neighborhoods by directing the demolition of known meth houses.


    John Lindsey has worked as a strong supporter of veterans. John has authored legislation advocating for our men and women in uniform.

    Our Future

    John Lindsey worked to keep Clear Lake open to the public by adding it to our park system for enjoyment for generations to come.

    John Lindsey has worked to bring the citizens of Linn County an opportunity to thank our veterans by supporting construction of a veterans' home here in Linn County and creating hundreds of permanent family wage jobs.

    "I have been honored to serve you and I ask for your vote of confidence this November to continue the work that needs to be done. Thank you." John Lindsey

    (This information furnished by John Lindsey.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722