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Kelly R

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner

    Occupational Background: President, General Manager, Lift Mast & Attachment Company; President, General Manager, Western Attachment Company; President, Manager Lovelace Farms Inc.

    Educational Background: Graduate, South Eugene High School

    Prior Governmental Experience: Pleasant Hill High School advisory boards for general maintenance and metal shop; East Lane water management committee.

    Kelly Lovelace: For An Oregon That Works
    Kelly is not a career politician, but a self-made farmer, rancher and small business owner. He’s a rural Oregonian who understands how hard Salem is making it for the rest of us. Kelly knows that Oregon needs a strong economy to create jobs, but also to fund our education, public safety and essential services. Like you, Kelly sees Oregon businesses and families struggling, while our state government is making the situation more difficult. Kelly is running for State Representative because he shares our concerns and is ready to help fix our state.


    Economic recovery begins when we do a better job helping manufacturing and agriculture to succeed in Oregon.


    We must do a better job keeping Oregonians safe from property crimes, drug crimes, sexual predators and ID theft. Public safety is a fundamental government obligation.


    We need to focus on getting state education dollars into the classroom where they belong and expand technical schools and community colleges to better prepare students for their future.


    Our state budget is twice as large as it was just 10 years ago and we’ve lost over 148,000 jobs this year in the private sector. The legislature is spending our state into bankruptcy and it’s time for this to stop. State government must live within its means.

    Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc
    CommonSense for Oregon PAC
    OAA PAC or Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC
    Oregon Cattle PAC
    Oregon SEED Council
    Paulette Pyle, Grass Roots Director, Oregonians for Food and Shelter
    Roger Beyer, AG-PAC Chairman


    (This information furnished by Kelly Lovelace.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722