State Representative

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Kitty C

Republican (REP)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: Engineering Program Counselor, University of Portland

    Occupational Background: Office worker, library worker, family manager

    Educational Background: BA, English, University of Portland, 1998

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    Community Service: Humanitarian Coordinator at church assisting with local and international needs; Portland Office of Emergency Management Neighborhood Team.

    Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    All over the country people of all political persuasions are sick of politics as usual. Isn’t it time to start thinking about voting for someone who is not your usual politician? In fact, how about voting for someone who is not a politician at all?

    Let’s face it. The state government in Salem is a mess. It’s awash with special interests, sweetheart deals, and reckless spending. Having been a working mom, I know what it’s like to make a budget and stick to it, to prioritize needs and wants, and to cut expenditures where it makes sense, not willy-nilly across the board. That’s why I’m running to be your state representative. I’m not a politician. I’m a mom. Mom to my son, step Mom to my husband’s kids, “Engineering Mom” to over 500 students at the University of Portland School of Engineering.

    And as everyone knows, when you have a BIG MESS, It Takes a Mom to Clean Up the House!

    How do you know I won’t be the pawn of special interests myself when I am elected? Look at my campaign finances! The vast majority of donations to my campaign are from individual Oregonians. No unions, no lobbyists, no special interest PACs of any kind. Just regular citizens, fed up with the status quo.

    Join Democrats, Republicans and Independents in supporting real change—

    Vote Kitty Harmon for State Representative!

    Want to know more? Please visit my website at:

    www.KittyForOregon.com or contact me directly at Kitty@KittyForOregon.com.

    (This information furnished by Kitty C. Harmon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722