County Office

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  • Occupation: Klamath County Clerk

    Occupational Background: Judicial Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Medical/Legal Transcriptionist, Accounts Payable Manager

    Educational Background: Oregon Institute of Technology, Degrees: Bachelor of Science and Associate of Allied Health; Accounting and Business, Southern Oregon University and OIT

    Prior Governmental Experience: Klamath County Clerk, 1999-present. No other elected or appointed positions. Salaried positions: Judicial Assistant, Municipal Court Clerk

    Recognitions & Memberships

    • Executive Committee, Oregon Association of County Clerks, 2009-2010
    • President, Oregon Association of County Clerks, 2008-2009
    • Represented Oregon counties on the interview committee for the State Elections Director, 2009
    • Certified Elections/Registration Administrator, 2006
    • Oregon Certified County Clerk
    • National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials & Clerks (NACRC)
    • State Delegate, NACRC
    • International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Elections Officials & Treasurers
    • Property Records Industry Association

    Accomplishments (with the help of staff, county budget committee & other county departments)

    • Administe
    • red 33 elections in the last 12 years, with no election contests filed
    • Successfully challenged 3 initiative petitions, saving taxpayers approximately $150,000 in election costs
    • Received excellent rating from Oregon Secretary of State for Klamath County Security Plan
    • Converted county voter information to statewide standardized registration system
    • Implemented automated document recording; developed Klamath County Recording Standards
    • Reduced document turnaround time from 4-6 weeks to 1-3 days
    • Reduced staff by 50%

    The County Clerk is the official record keeper for Klamath County, including deeds, mortgages, liens and military discharges. We also issue marriage licenses and process passport applications. The County Clerk is also the chief election official of the county, and conducts elections within the county including federal, state, county, city and special districts.

    I strive to provide uniformity in the application, operation and interpretation of election laws and recording standards. I hope you will agree that my proven performance qualifies me to remain your County Clerk. Please vote for Linda Smith.

    (This information furnished by Linda Smith.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722