Measure 70

  • Legislative Argument in Support

    For veterans who have fought to defend our freedoms, one of the ways we repay them is through a Veterans Home Loan. Currently, those who served less than 210 days are not eligible to take advantage of the program; nor are those who served more than 30 years ago.

    Measure 70 fixes these problems by expanding eligibility for active duty veterans allowing them to receive home loan assistance through the Oregon War Veterans’ Fund. Measure 70 also allows those who served decades ago to qualify for home ownership assistance, making it a true lifetime benefit for qualified veterans.

    • A YES vote on Measure 70 expands eligibility to home loan assistance by eliminating the requirement that a veteran serve for 210 consecutive active duty days. This would include Oregon National Guard/Reserve citizen-soldiers who have been deployed to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and all veterans that have served less than 210 consecutive active duty days.

    • A YES vote on Measure 70 expands eligibility to veterans as defined by Oregon law and removes arbitrary exclusion of veterans who have been out of service for 30 years.

    • A YES vote on Measure 70 allows an entire generation of Vietnam veterans who have faithfully served their country with distinction and honor to qualify for benefits they have earned.

    The Oregon Legislature unanimously passed this resolution in the 2009 session. The members of this committee strongly urge a YES vote on Measure 70.

    These requirements are contained in the Oregon Constitution and all constitutional changes require approval of the People.

    Committee Members / Appointed by:
    Senator Martha Schrader / President of the Senate
    Representative Paul Holvey / Speaker of the House
    Representative Ron Maurer / Speaker of the House

    (This Joint Legislative Committee was appointed to provide the legislative argument in support of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.245.)

    Argument in Favor

    The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Oregon Council 75 urges you to vote YES on Measure 70.

    Measure 70 would extend the Veterans’ Home Loan Program to include more Oregon Vets. The program was established during the Second World War to make home loans available to Oregon Veterans and their survivors. It was a helping hand to those who have sacrificed for their country. When the program started, beneficiaries were required to serve 210 consecutive days, which was typical of military service in the 1940s. With changes in military structure, however, that restriction leaves too many veterans from current wars out in the cold.

    Oregon AFSCME Council 75’s 25,000 members include members returning from military service, and we support these men and women, along with all Oregonians who have sacrificed in public service. We ask that you join us in that support. This measure has no fiscal impact and simply expands an existing program to include those whom it was originally intended to help. The Veterans’ Home Loan Program was a good idea in 1944, and it only needs a few small changes to fulfill its honorable intent.

    Please vote YES for Measure 70, and give our returning veterans access to this important program.

    (This information furnished by Joseph E Baessler, Oregon AFSCME Council 75.)

    Argument in Favor

    A Special Message from John Kitzhaber

    Measure 70 fixes a longstanding flaw in the Oregon Veterans Home Loan program that unfortunately excludes both Vietnam vets and those who’ve served since 9/11.

    Voting Yes on Measure 70 will make sure that all active duty veterans have access to low-cost home loans, easing their reentry by giving them access to the stability of a home.

    My father was part of the Greatest Generation, marching with Patton’s Army across Germany to Berlin in WWII. Before he passed away a few years ago, I used to call him every June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day, and thank him for literally saving the world.

    When my dad, and thousands like him returned home, they had the support of the original GI Bill, which helped set the stage for decades of economic growth and success.

    In 2009, the Oregon National Guard deployed the largest number of troops since World War II, with more than 2,000 serving in Iraq. Veterans who serve in active duty make some of the deepest sacrifices for their country, their state, and their communities that a person can make.

    These Oregonians had to leave their jobs and their families behind as they went far overseas to serve our state and our country, creating a range of difficult issues regarding reintegration to their professional lives, communities and families upon return.

    I’m voting Yes on Measure 70, because it’s one small way we can all give back to the men and women who’ve given so much for our state.

    These men and women deserve our endless gratitude, and they deserve every opportunity we can afford to help them settle back into our communities.

    In the simplest terms, Measure 70 keeps faith with those that kept faith with us; it is a benefit earned and long past due.

    Join me in voting yes on Measure 70. And please take a moment to personally thank a veteran today.

    John Kitzhaber

    (This information furnished by John Kitzhaber.)

    Argument in Favor

    Oregon Educators Urge a YES Vote on Measure 70

    Measure 70 is the right thing to do for Oregon’s Veterans.

    Right now, Oregon veterans who fought to protect our country in Vietnam and since the 9/11 terrorist attacks are not eligible for a low-interest home loan. That’s just wrong. Measure 70 will fix this.

    Measure 70 makes it easier for Veterans to own a home.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to those who served our country and sacrificed time away from their family to protect us. Measure 70 is a way to stand up and say thank you to all veterans and their families for those sacrifices.

    Oregon Educators Support Our Veterans.

    There are a number of Oregonians who served in the military and chose to continue serving the public in our classrooms. We salute them for their dedication to our kids and our future. We honor them by urging a Yes Vote on Measure 70.

    Measure 70 will turn the dream of owning a home into a reality for many veterans and their families.
    We see the impact of the national economic crisis on the faces of our students in our classrooms everyday. Oftentimes, their families struggle with finding an affordable place to live. Measure 70 makes it easier for veterans and their families to secure homeownership.

    Please join 48,000 Oregon Educators in supporting our Veterans
    Vote Yes on Measure 70

    (This information furnished by BethAnne Darby, The Oregon Education Association.)

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