Measure 74

  • Argument in Opposition

    The Federal Government protects citizens from ineffective substances sold as “medicines”. The FDA has not approved marijuana as safe.

    • 74 Establishes marijuana DISTRIBUTION CENTERS and PRODUCTION GROW SITES. The State cannot afford costs for licensing and regulating these entities, which would include police protection.

    • Deputy District Attorney Joseph Esposito notes “marijuana distribution centers in LA went from 4 to over 800 within 5 years.” 74 does not limit number of CENTERS and GROW SITES or address local government bans and limits.

    • It would take 9,095 DISTRIBUTION CENTERS and GROW SITES to provide the allowable pot for 36,380 cardholders.

    • DISTRIBUTION CENTERS and GROW SITES can possess plants and usable marijuana quantities sufficient to roll 40,800 joints.

    • DISTRIBUTION CENTERS could be located near libraries, churches, youth clubs, parks, and daycares.

    • GROW SITES can include marijuana grown in your neighbor’s yard or house. Indoor growing presents dangers because of toxic materials and high volumes of electricity increasing the potential for fires.

    • CARDHOLDERS could obtain the maximum amount of marijuana allowed by law from one distribution center and then go to another and do the same, as well as grow at home.

    • DISTRIBUTION CENTERS shall be nonprofits subject to Oregon laws, but need not have received 501c3 tax exempt status from the IRS. Don’t all nonprofits require IRS approval?

    According to Dr. Robert DuPont, President, Institute for Behavior and Health and first Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) the governments principal agency researching marijuana, “more people need to see ‘medical marijuana’ for what it is: a cynical fraud and a cruel hoax. It is not about medicine; it is about the political exploitation of the public’s compassion for suffering sick people. Legitimizing smoked marijuana as a “medicine” is a serious threat to the safety of all Americans.”

    Measure 74 is costly and lacks clarity on regulation, operation and enforcement, allows selling of marijuana against Federal law. VOTE NO!

    (This information furnished by Shirley Morgan, Oregonians Against Legalization of Marijuana.)

    Argument in Opposition

    Oregon Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police and District Attorneys urge you to Vote NO on Ballot Measure 74

    Oregon Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and District Attorneys urge voters to reject Measure 74, the massive expansion in “medical marijuana.”

    Measure 74 is a confusing and poorly worded measure that will make the illegal distribution and use of marijuana difficult to enforce. The measure adds a whole new system of marijuana distribution centers and production grow sites to the current medical marijuana law without addressing rapidly growing abuse.

    When “medical marijuana” was first proposed in 1998, voters were told that only a couple thousand people would need “medical marijuana.” The number of card holders is currently 36,380 with 5037 pending applications. Only a small fraction of these “patients” suffer from cancer or glaucoma. The vast majority claim “pain” as their reason for needing marijuana. A single doctor is responsible for prescribing approximately 35% of all medical marijuana cards, with ten doctors prescribing 59% of all cards.

    Measure 74 states that initially dispensaries shall not be established within 1,000 feet of any school or within residential neighborhoods. This language suggests that eventually these dispensaries could be located close to schools and in neighborhoods. There is no other reasonable explanation for the drafter’s use of the word “initially”.

    Measure 74 would allow a person who is convicted of a felony for manufacturing or delivery of illegal drugs to be licensed as a producer, a director or employee of a dispensary. Only drug felony convictions after the effective date of the Act would prevent these individuals from receiving a license.

    Your Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and District Attorneys thoroughly researched Ballot Measure 74. We believe passage of this measure will increase abuses of the medical marijuana laws and will have a significant and negative impact on the ability of law enforcement to keep our communities a safe place to live, work and play.

    Don’t make matters worse…Vote NO on Measure 74!

    (This information furnished by Bradley C. Berry, Oregon District Attorneys Association; Holly D. Russell, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association; Kevin Campbell, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722