Measure 76

  • Proposed by initiative petition to be voted on at the General Election, November 2, 2010.

    Ballot Title

    Amends Constitution: Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014; modifies funding process

    Result of “yes” vote

    “Yes” vote continues constitutional dedication of 15 percent of lottery proceeds for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, and watershed protection beyond 2014. Modifies funding process, allocations.

    Result of “no” vote

    “No” vote retains current constitutional provision dedicating 15 percent of lottery proceeds to parks, beaches, wildlife, and watershed protection through 2014. Continuation requires voter approval.


    Under current constitutional provision, 15 percent of net lottery proceeds are placed in a Parks and Natural Resources Fund, half for state parks, beaches, historic sites and recreation areas, and half for restoration and protection of natural resources, including fish and wildlife habitat and protection of watersheds. Currently, funding ends after 2014 unless voters approve continuation beyond that date. The proposed measure continues 15 percent funding for the same purposes beyond 2014. State agencies receiving monies from the Fund are required to use the money only for the specified purposes. The proposed measure also identifies eligible grant recipients and establishes minimum allocation levels of grant funding for local and regional park projects that protect and restore fish and wildlife habitats, and protect watersheds. Other provisions.

    Estimate of Financial Impact

    The measure makes permanent the dedication of 15% of state lottery proceeds each year to parks and natural resources. For the year 2011 this amount is estimated to be $87 million.

    The measure dedicates a minimum amount of funds for local parks.

    The measure does not produce additional revenue for state government.

    The measure does not require additional state or local government spending, but would require adjusting spending between programs or funding sources.

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722