State Representative

Mark Johnson photo

Republican (REP)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: General Contractor, Mark Johnson Construction

    Occupational Background: Small business owner, 1985- Present

    Educational Background: Whitworth University, 1975-1979

    Prior Governmental Experience: Hood River County School Board, 2004-Present

    As the Former School Board Chair, Mark Johnson Believes Education and Jobs are Equally Important
    As Chairman of the Hood River County School Board, Mark Johnson made it his priority to bring teachers, parents and the union together to solve severe budget problems. As a result, the local school district was able to minimize lost tax revenues to education and prevent dramatic cuts which would affect the classroom and the quality of education our kids receive. He has worked hard to pass bonds and levies to support schools.

    “Mark has proven he can lead a diverse group of people to build consensus to solve problems, he is a strong education advocate.”

    Jeff Kopecky
    Citizen & School Board Member
    Hood River County

    As a Small Business Owner, Mark Johnson Believes We Need Better Strategies to Create More Private Sector Jobs
    The private sector is hurting which is where most employment is created. Oregon’s consistently high unemployment should be an embarrassment to our elected leaders. Small business needs new incentives, tax credits and reduction of regulation. Reducing the Capital Gains tax will help stimulate jobs and grow our economy.

    “Mark will be an advocate for limiting healthcare cost and taxes, we need his leadership.”

    Susan Hull
    Business Owner

    As a Humanitarian Volunteer, Mark Johnson Understands People are Hurting and Need Support
    Mark Johnson has traveled to Guatemala and other third world countries to help build homes and churches and bring hope to residents in these communities at his own expense. Giving back to others is an important part of community service to Mark which his actions have proven.

    “I have always been impressed with Mark’s strength of character and his ability to work with others.”

    Nick Hogan
    Hood River County School District
    Finance Director

    (This information furnished by Friends of Mark Johnson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722