Judge of the Circuit Court

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  • Occupation: Polk County Deputy District Attorney

    Occupational Background: Private Attorney and business owner for 19 years. Diverse legal practice of civil and criminal experience handling both trials and appeals. Admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, Oregon State and Federal Courts, and Tribal Court.

    Educational Background: B.A. Penn State University 1983, Juris Doctorate Willamette University College of Law, 1989, graduated top 20%.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Sheridan School Board 2000

    Family: Married 26 years to Ted Mansell, disabled Vietnam era veteran. Residents of Polk County for 24 years and reside on a 53 acre hay and horse farm in Sheridan. Members of Salt Creek Baptist Church.

    Endorsed by Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC.

    “Melanie will bring a fresh, balanced approach to the Polk County Circuit Court. Her credentials to serve in this position are outstanding; she will be an effective and fair Judge.”

    Kevin Mannix

    Melanie Mansell…A Fresh Clean Start

    Polk County families struggle with the issues of addiction, mental health, and juvenile criminal behavior all of which affects generations to come. As Circuit Court Judge, I want to be open to trying new approaches to break the cycle of foster care and juvenile delinquency such as early intervention with families in the criminal justice system. I believe Drug Courts work, and I would like to extend that approach to families caught up in the criminal justice system.

    Melanie Mansell…The Right Experience to be Judge

    Melanie Mansell currently serves as Deputy District Attorney in Polk County, a position she has held since 2009. Prior to serving in this position, Melanie worked as an attorney in private practice in Salem and Sheridan.

    Melanie Mansell…A Recognized Leader

    Melanie is a member of Oregon Women Lawyers, Oregon Minority Lawyers, Polk County Bar President 2007; Melanie was awarded Honor Guard with the Alliance Defense Fund in 2004 in recognition of donating 450 hours of free legal services.

    (This information furnished by Melanie Mansell for Judge.)

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