State Representative

Michael Bieker photo

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner, Health Care Consultant

    Occupational Background: Health Care Revenue Cycle Consultant; Ernst and Young, APEX

    Educational Background: BA, Accounting; MBA, Finance- University of Oregon

    Prior Governmental Experience: Analyst, U.S. Veterans Affairs Hospital- 1998-99

    Community Service: Big Brother, Big Brothers of America; Coach, Special Olympics; Treasurer, Oregon Literacy

    Dear Friends and Neighbors in the 33rd District,

    Like all of you, I love my state and want it to provide my two sons the great experiences and memories that it has provided me.

    However, I feel our state government could and should be doing better for us. After all, over the last two years, we have had an unprecedented number of unemployed Oregonians, home foreclosures, and high school dropouts.

    While other states are rebounding, Oregon’s economy continues to struggle. Individuals have lost their jobs, income, homes and retirement savings. It makes me sad to see that at a time when people need their income and jobs the most, Salem has not responded appropriately.

    I vow to the voters of the 33rd district that, over the course of my two-year term, I will try my best to improve how our state performs in many areas. However, I will also do the following:

    • I will not vote for any new tax or fee increases

    While households are making sacrifices to get by, so must Salem. As State Representative, I will support small businesses by creating an environment where they can succeed and hire more workers. After all, improving the economy is the only way our state government can generate the revenue it needs to fund essential services.

    I believe in personal freedoms, strong communities, great education for our children and responsibly confronting problems – and not passing them onto future generations.

    By working together, and fostering the pioneer spirit that binds us Oregonians together, we can help our state reach its potential.

    I look forward to serving you in Salem,

    Michael Bieker


    (This information furnished by Michael Bieker.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722