State Treasurer

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Constitution (CON)

  • Occupation: Maintenance / national restaurant chain

    Occupational Background: Community Television Current Affairs Program Host, tutor

    Educational Background: Institute on the Constitution

    Prior Governmental Experience: Issues lobbyist Oregon Legislature

    Imagine a Treasurer using his office to safeguard the financial security of the citizenry rather than boosting agency budgets.

    Imagine an Oregon Treasurer who is not merely an ATM machine for Salem's big spenders.

    Imagine a Treasurer willing to say "NO!" It has been many years since we have had a Treasurer willing to challenge the spending inclinations of the Legislature and Governor. But, we need one now!

    Imagine a Treasurer who will not sign the check for.

    • Taxpayer funded abortions
    • Golden parachute severances for criminally implicated officials
    • Vacations disguised as business meetings
    • State owned vehicles used for personal benefit

    Imagine a Treasurer who will energetically argue for a return to sound money backed by silver and gold as specified in the U.S. Constitution, article 1, section 10

    I will ask hard questions while the legislature prepares the next budget. If unsustainable financial promises are being made that the taxpayers will be unable to fulfill then I should and I will refuse to sign the check for those expenditures until they are brought into line with what is reasonable.

    Many remedies have been offered for our current economic crises but the appropriate first step should be prayer with repentance and hope that God will restore us.

    I will seek fresh staff not only well trained in accounting but also capable in the field of financial analysis. I envision a state that is financially well run - not one lurching from budget crisis to budget crisis. My motto for public policy is LIFE, LIBERTY, LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

    Please see the Constitution Party statement elsewhere in this pamphlet.

    (This information furnished by Michael Marsh.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722