State Representative

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Nonaffiliated (NAV)

  • Occupation: Businessman, President of Kozak Company, President of Computerized Property Management

    Occupational Background: Small business owner, mediator, seminar instructor, Past President Oregon Association of Realtors

    Educational Background: 1970 Bachelor of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 1972 Master of Architecture, University of Oregon

    Prior Governmental Experience: Bend City Council 1984-1993; Mayor of Bend 1989; Central Oregon Economic Development Council Advisory Board

    “What I see in Salem is a huge amount of partisan bickering and not a lot of productivity. Both parties have been unable to stop the growth of state government. The professional politicians fight too much and have left the state in the worst condition it has ever been in” Mike Kozak

    Oregon needs a dose of good business sense. The government needs to “Do more with less” just like you and I have done in our lives and businesses in the last 3 years. Government can never be a business but it can be run more like one.

    I see three solutions:

    First, we must control state government’s growth, state spending and taxes. We need to review the entire structure of our state administration, get rid of antiquated boards and outdated services. We need to cut budgets and provide services by becoming more efficient. Oregon citizens and Oregon businesses already pay enough taxes. I support eliminating measures 66 & 67 and studying the elimination of the income tax. Our current model does not work.

    Second, we must provide the environment for more private sector jobs to be developed. The state government’s anti business and development attitude needs to be changed. We must provide tax breaks for small businesses. Small businesses are the number one creator of new jobs. Lets get back to producing products in Oregon.

    Finally, we must prioritize the financing of K-12 education, and finance our higher education systems in Oregon.

    Let’s get it done together. Change only happens when we act.

    (This information furnished by Mike Kozak.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722