State Representative

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Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: Attorney; State Representative

    Occupational Background: Worked with at-risk children at Serendipity Center; managed staffing company with 100 employees.

    Educational Background: Bachelors, Portland State University; JD, Lewis & Clark Law School.

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2009-current.

    Getting East County our Fair Share

    Getting East County our fair share means working to put people back to work and increase accountability over government spending. And that’s exactly what Nick Kahl has been doing.

    Putting East County Back to Work

    Nick Kahl supports providing tax breaks to companies that hire recently unemployed Oregonians and ending tax breaks for companies that fail to create or maintain jobs in Oregon. Nick will also invest in small businesses like construction companies that create jobs.

    “Nick Kahl’s economic plan is what East County needs to start moving out of this recession.”
    -Randy Crum, Troutdale Business Owner

    Increasing Government Accountability

    Government needs to tighten its belt just like East County families so Nick Kahl voted to cut $2 billion from the budget and freeze his own legislative salary. Nick also supports audits of state agencies to reduce waste and inefficiency, protecting whistleblowers, and reducing contractor fraud, favoritism, and cost overruns.

    A Proven Record of Independence

    Nick voted against using our taxpayer dollars for a new Portland stadium. He also opposed the plan to make East County drivers pay a toll on the I-5 bridge.

    Keeping East County Safe

    Nick Kahl voted to increase sentences on sex offenders and impose stiffer penalties for assaults on pregnant women, and keep youth correctional facilities and forensic labs open.

    “I know that Representative Nick Kahl’s number one priority is to maintain the safety of East Multnomah County citizens.”
    -Daniel Staton, Multnomah County Sheriff

    We’re supporting Nick Kahl!

    Randy Crum, Alliance Testing Services LLC
    US Senator Ron Wyden
    Attorney General John R. Kroger
    Multnomah County Sheriff Daniel Staton
    Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
    Oregon Council of Police Associations
    Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
    Oregon Nurses Association


    (This information furnished by Nick Kahl.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722