Judge of the Circuit Court

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Occupation: Albany attorney

Occupational Background: 30 years practicing law in Oregon

Educational Background: J.D., Willamette University College of Law, 1979; B.A., Humboldt State University, with highest honors, 1974

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Volunteer Work: Pro-bono representation of nonprofit organization and individuals

Personal: Married. Two children. Live on small tree farm in East Linn County

Paul Meadowbrook

Fair, Experienced and Committed to Justice

Judicial goals:

  • Increase access to justice and reduce costs by implementing effective judicial settlement conferences pioneered by Oregon’s federal courts, which reduce litigants’ and taxpayers’ costs and free up clogged dockets.
  • Judge each case on its own merits, maintain personal integrity, set aside personal agendas, uphold rule of law, treat each litigant and lawyer with dignity and respect.
  • Remember that real lives are involved in every case; in criminal cases help victims heal by acknowledging when sentencing criminals the pain borne by victims; in family law cases by keeping the best interests of children uppermost.
  • Reduce prison revolving doors by starting bench probation program that expands use of groups, community resources and volunteers to monitor, supervise and assist persons on probation obtain employment, pay restitution, maintain sobriety and abstain from crime.

Paul Meadowbrook - A Judge for the People of Linn County

What people say about Paul Meadowbrook:

“Paul knows Linn County, is not an insider or one of the good old boys. He has the experience, leadership and judicial temperament we need. Paul has my full endorsement.”
Dan Thackaberry - Linn County farmer

“Paul is an experienced lawyer who believes judges should apply the law, not make it up.” Paul Bullock - Lebanon insurance brokerage owner

“Paul was there for my young son when other lawyers said there was nothing we could do. Paul’s excellent legal work and caring emotional support got us a great settlement. We need him on the bench.” Nora Hildebrand - Albany realtor

For more information about Paul see paulmeadowbrook.com

(This information furnished by Paul Meadowbrook for Linn Co. Circuit Court.)

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