State Representative

Peter Buckley photo

  • Peter

  • Democrat (DEM)
    Working Families (WFP)

    Occupation: Oregon State Representative, District 5, 2005 to present

    Occupational Background: Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Administrator in regional theatre, 1979 to 2002; Radio commentator, 1988 to 2002.

    Educational Background: B.A., University of Santa Clara, 1979

    Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, House Education Committee, 2007 to 2009; City Commission, Arcata, California, 1994

    Current Government Experience: Co-Chair, Joint Committee on Ways & Means


    “These are challenging times:
    Since January of 2009 we had to re-balance the state budget five times but did so while holding to our values:

    • We maintained our in-state programs for seniors and the disabled;
    • Kept dollars moving in the economy for jobs in our communities, including the front line jobs of teachers, nurses, police and firefighters;
    • And we invested in our future by providing access to higher education for a record number of students in our community colleges and universities.

    Oregon has been hit hard, but we’re still on our feet.

    I know the strength of southern Oregon, and during budget hearings around the state, I learned the strength of our state as a whole.

    I’m proud and grateful to be part of the work.” Peter Buckley

    It’s about Leadership:

    “There’s a reason I chose Peter Buckley to co-chair the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. As we headed into one of the worst economic disasters of our lifetime, I needed someone who was hardworking, fair, smart and even in temperament. I got that and more with Peter Buckley.” Dave Hunt, Speaker of the House.

    “During the four years I served with Peter Buckley in the House he consistently elevated civic discourse through genuine respect of all members of the House—irrespective of party or political leanings. His office is a model of efficiency, dedication, hard work, and thoughtful, reasoned decision making. Southern Oregon should be proud of his leadership and commitment to the betterment of our great state.” US Senator Jeff Merkley

    (This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Peter Buckley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722