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  • Phil

  • Democrat (DEM)
    Working Families (WFP)
    Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: State Representative

    Occupational Background: Psychologist; adjunct professor University of Oregon; Deputy District Attorney; Attorney

    Educational Background: University of Oregon, BA, JD; California School of Professional Psychology, Ph.D.

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, Eugene School Board, Deputy District Attorney



    As a Leader in Oregon’s Legislature, Phil Barnhart has delivered time and again for working Oregonian Families.

    Phil is fighting to eliminate millions of dollars in loopholes and corporate giveaways to fund education, public safety, health care, and other essential services.

    As Chair of the House Revenue Committee, Phil has worked to stimulate the economy, protect Oregon’s most vulnerable, and create a fair, balanced tax structure:

    Promoting Job Growth

    Phil continues to work to stimulate jobs and give businesses the support they need in this credit strapped economy. Phil passed numerous bills to provide small businesses access to more capital and tax breaks they need to put Oregonians back to work. Phil worked with entrepreneurs in our renewable energy industry to keep Oregon at the forefront of the energy revolution.

    Supporting Struggling Families

    Phil voted to extend unemployment benefits to workers who have been hardest hit by the economic recession. Phil passed bills that make it easier for out of work and struggling families to put food on the table and improved the nutrition in school lunches. Phil made it possible for the Attorney General to prosecute big out of state banks that are committing fraud and bankrupting Oregon families.

    Creating More Fairness

    As the author of fair tax measures, Phil defended community services and helped keep teachers in classrooms and police protecting our streets. As Revenue Committee Chair, Phil pioneered a law requiring that all tax credits be reviewed regularly to prevent wasteful spending.

    Endorsed by: US Congressman Peter DeFazio, John R. Kroger, Attorney General, Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership, Oregon Education Association, Oregon State Police Officers’ Association

    Vote Phil Barnhart, State Representative.

    (This information furnished by Friends of Phil Barnhart.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722