State Representative

Richard Harisay photo

Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: Self employed organic farmer.

    Occupational Background: Insurance Agent for Phoenix Mutual Life; Owner & CEO of Benefit Designs, Inc.; Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Marion County Juvenile Court.

    Educational Background: Brigham Young University, B.S., Psychology and Biology. San Jose State University, Graduate work in School Psychology

    Prior Governmental Experience: none

    We are in an economic crisis and it is not getting any better because the fundamental causes of that crisis have not even been addressed let alone changed. This is the highest priority issue but there are many others. I’m running because I’m not happy with:

    • The loss of jobs with little prospect of replacing them.
    • Our educational system is threatened and future prospects are dim.
    • The loss of equity in our homes and the foreclosures.
    • The loss of our retirement funds because of Wall Street deregulation and consequent manipulation.
    • The loss of our right to vote (Oregon has preserved this right) because private companies have been allowed to introduce corrupt processes and voting machines. The Oregon vote is negated by corruption in key states.
    • The The exploitation and manipulation of the Oregon economy by large multinational banks (establishing a State Bank of Oregon will help correct this.)

    Prior to September 2006 I was registered as a Republican. I was aware then of the economic devastation we are now experiencing. I asked myself what I could do about it and came to the conclusion that by Joining and working with the local Democratic organization I could have meaningful influence. We have a chance of cleaning the neoconservatives out of this party and forwarding the agenda that we thought we had achieved with the election of Obama. It begins here, at the grassroots. Visit my website and see how I plan to achieve this. richharisay2010.com

    (This information furnished by The Committee to Elect Rich Harisay.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722