United States Senator

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Progressive (PRO)

  • Occupation: Physician

    Occupational Background: Psychiatrist, Army Medical Corps, Medical Director, County Mental Health, Veterans Administration (VA) psychiatrist and Acting Chief for Mental Health Services for the Roseburg VA. Currently a volunteer for the national council of the Alliance for Democracy and founder of Soldiers For Peace International.

    Educational Background: Portland State University (BS in Psychology and Biology), Oregon Health Sciences Center.

    Prior Governmental Experience: No elective office, extensive familiarity with federal bureaucracy through the VA.


    -- Precinct Community Person in Coos County. Contributor to the Advocate newspaper.

    -- Activist--Educator for a truly universal, affordable health care system in Oregon and the United States.

    -- Community leader in establishing a comprehensive health care system, the development of the County Mental Health system, and the mental health system in coastal VA clinics and Roseburg.

    -- Working to improve access to services for Oregon veterans.


    -- Bringing jobs to the US and reducing the threat of war by conversion to a localized economy based on alternative energy, the elimination of tax breaks for international corporations and getting out of NAFTA and the World Trade Organization.

    -- A constitutional amendment to end the ability of large corporations to pay for the campaigns of politicians who put their interests above those of Americans.

    -- A rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    -- Establishing a truly universal and affordable single-payer health care system in the United States.

    -- Reform in Washington, more efficient delivery of essential government services, especially for veterans.

    -- Regulation of the banking/finance firms that could have prevented the wholesale destruction of the American and world economies.

    -- Campaign finance reform.

    The people of Oregon are ready to retire Ron Wyden and I am ready to win.

    I will work for real health care reform and a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

    I will ask for a seat on the Veteran Affairs Committee.


    (This information furnished by Rick Staggenborg.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722