State Representative

Rob Gardier photo

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Management Consultant, Attorney

    Occupational Background: Founder, Candlebuck Ventures Management business development consulting; Oregon Small Business Development Center Network Consultant; Advisor Oregon Technology Business Center and Portland State Business Accelerator

    Educational Background: MBA, Harvard Business School; JD, Ohio State University College of Law; BA Economics, College of William and Mary

    Prior Governmental Experience: Adjunct faculty, PSU School of Business Administration; Precinct Committee Person and volunteer on numerous campaigns

    Community Activities: Mentor for Cleantech Open, the Future Business Leaders of America and PSU’s Lab2Market program

    Economic Development

    Oregon should be one of the greatest places on earth to grow a business. Taxes and regulations impose a heavy burden on private sector job creation. Rob will work to streamline the regulation process which promotes business growth. Rob wants to put up a sign in Salem that says “Oregon now open for business – under new management!”

    Fiscal Discipline

    Government doesn’t exist to create wealth or jobs. Government spends other people’s money, our tax dollars, to provide the essential services that benefit everyone in our state. Rob believes in limited government, spending priorities, and spending less than is taken in. He will push for reducing burdensome taxes, fees and regulations which discourage private enterprise.

    Transparency & Accountability

    Rob supports a system of accountability that outlines how taxes and fees are collected and spent so taxpayers have a clear understanding of how revenues are raised to support state programs. Rob would like every taxpayer to have an annual report outlining the sources and uses of tax revenues.

    Quality, Value & Choice in State Services

    Our children deserve quality educational opportunities and parents should have the ability to choose the best schools for their children. Rob will ensure we have well equipped and trained public safety and health service providers. He also wants improved roads and other infrastructure to move people and products throughout the state.


    (This information furnished by Friends of Rob Gardier.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722