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  • Occupation: Sheriff of Crook County.

    Occupational Background: 24 years as your Sheriff; 16 years Assistant High School Football Coach; Ranch manager; Nevada County Deputy Sheriff; Wood products manager; Feed store/Western shop manager; Los Angeles Police Officer; 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Military Police Corps in Viet Nam.

    Educational Background: Numerous DPSST Executive Level training sessions; Oregon State Sheriffs' Association Command College; Oregon Executive Development Institute; Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training; Los Angeles Police Academy; U.S. Army Military Police School; U.S. Army Officer Candidate School; Azusa Pacific University; Denair High School.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Sheriff of Crook County; Crook County Local School Committee; city and county law enforcement and U.S. Army Military Police.

    Rodd Clark's history and expertise in leadership and management was evident when he first became Crook County Sheriff and it shines through still today stronger than ever. He has continually strove to update and streamline all facets of Law Enforcement, which is the 'cornerstone' of what the Sheriff's Office is today: a professional organization that is respected by state wide law enforcement agencies and more importantly, by Crook County, the community it serves.

    Ask yourself if you feel safe in your community, your workplace and home. If the answer is 'YES' then you can thank Sheriff Rodd Clark and his leadership of the fine Deputies of the Crook County Sheriff's Office. Their community involvement, professionalism and experience are what make our community safe and secure.

    We need to retain Rodd Clark as our Sheriff. Now is not the time to try someone unproven. Nothing in the Sheriff's Office is broken. 'If it isn't broken - don't fix it'.

    Vote for:

    PROVEN - Conservative Financial Responsibility

    PROVEN - Innovative Leadership

    PROVEN - Experience and Ability

    PROVEN - Professionalism

    Go with the PROVEN - go with 'Your Sheriff' -
    Vote November 2nd to


    (This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Rodd Clark Sheriff.)

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