State Representative

Sara Byers photo

Democrat (DEM)
Independent (IND)

Occupation: General Partner, Byers Family, Ltd.

Occupational Background: Commercial real estate investor, following a career as booking agent for national Lecture Bureau and co-owner of national college booking agency. Speech and Debate coach, Roseburg High School

Educational Background: 2 1/2 years college (Smith & Boston University)

Prior Governmental Experience: Treasurer, Douglas County Democratic Party; Delegate, State Democratic Platform Committee, Alternate, Central Committee and member, State Democratic Rural Caucus. Status of Women Commission, Sonoma County, California

Other affiliations: Board of Directors, Casa de Belen; member, P.E.O. women’s organization. Volunteer, Mountain of Hope medical/dental clinic in Honduras.

I believe government’s job is to serve the people. I’ll bring a balanced approach to the job of representing the citizens in this large, diverse district so rich in resources and good people. Government must live within its means. We need to eliminate wasteful spending and find new solutions to the problems we face in our state.

I’ll vote YES to help small businesses and grow our economy.

I’ll vote YES to fund our Oregon schools to expand class choices, extend our school year and reduce class sizes.

I’ll vote YES to make Oregon a worldwide leader in renewable energy, bringing thousands of good paying jobs to Oregonians while protecting our lands, rivers and wildlife habitat.

I’ll vote YES to reform our ballot initiative process to require that ballot measures fully specify how initiatives will be funded. No more unfunded mandates for Oregon!

I have the energy, the commitment and the common sense to be an effective Representative for District 7. I’m asking for your vote!

Peter DeFazio
Attorney General John Kroger
Governor Barbara Roberts
Oregon State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian
State Senator Floyd Prozanski
Oregon Education Association
Oregon School Employees Association
American Federation of Teachers-Oregon (AFT-Oregon)
Stand for Children
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37
Carpenter’s Local 2067
SEIU Local 503
Cottage Grove Blackberry Pie Society
Tony Corcoran
Planned Parenthood PAC
Oregon League of Conservation Voters

(This information furnished by Sara Byers.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722