State Senator

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Stevan C

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Administrator, Wells Fargo Bank

    Occupational Background: Quality Assurance, Wells Fargo Bank; Small Business Owner

    Educational Background: Sunset High School, Diploma; Attended University of Phoenix in Business Administration; Military Leadership courses; Basic Officer Extension Courses; Extension Course for Staff Academy

    Prior Governmental Experience: Washington County Children and Family Services; United States Marine Corps

    Community Service: Hands on Banking program; Habitat for Humanity, Executive officer for the Navy Sea Cadets;

    I have learned first-hand the harsh realities of a poor economic climate and high unemployment. When I was a young man, I lost my job and, like many Oregonians today, experienced tough times. I lost my home and was forced to live on the streets. I woke up one morning and decided to join the Marine Corps and turned my life around.

    Since my service in the Marines ended, I have worked in the banking industry. I have witnessed firsthand the massive layoffs and fiscal instability affecting our state. With years of experience in the banking industry and personal experience dealing with unemployment, I have direct knowledge of the issues and challenges facing businesses in today's economic crisis. I believe I can offer common sense solutions to help create an environment where entrepreneurs are rewarded, small businesses can succeed, and new jobs are created for Oregonians.

    I decided to run for the State Senate when I saw the incumbent, Suzanne Bonamici, vote to increase overall spending last session by $10 billion, but cut K-12 education by $500 million. She voted for nearly $1 billion in tax credits for big corporations, while slashing funding for our state universities. Moreover, she voted for a bill that allowed violent felons out of prison before they served their full sentence. It is time for a new direction in Salem.

    I will prioritize state spending, focus on our children's future, and work to create job opportunities for Oregonians. I ask for your vote.


    (This information furnished by Stevan C. Kirkpatrick for Senate.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722