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Susan M

Independent (IND)

Occupation: President of Ramsay Investments Inc., doing business as Don's Windows, Doors & More, Burns, Oregon, where I am an active staff member.

Occupational Background: Employed by our family corporation since 1973, I have been personally responsible for the financial well being of our building materials business. In 1986, I arranged financing for the construction of a 25,000 square foot retail store building that included 4 acres of dimensional lumber. This project created new employment for 25 people and dealt in several millions of dollars of sales yearly at a time when Oregon's economy was, again, not in good shape. On both a business and personal level, I have dealt with very large sums of money and negotiated for sizeable operating lines. I am a fiscal conservative that watches the bottom line closely while keeping a keen eye out for opportunities that others have overlooked.

Educational Background: 1965 graduate of Thurston High School, Springfield, Oregon; Four year National Honor Society member. 1968 graduate of Western Business College, Portland, Oregon; Majored in Accounting and Data Processing

Prior Governmental Experience: 1970's: Participated in the Legislative hearings process, held at the Oregon State Capital, relating to lien law issues that impacted the building materials industry. 1980's: I was member of and chaired the Linn County Economic Development Committee.

I am active participant in our ranches farming and livestock operation
I am a Master Woodland Manager graduate, through OSU Extension, with a background in practical timber management for private timber/woodlot owners.

I desire to serve the people of Harney County and share my life's experiences and insights to keep Harney County economically viable for both the present and the future.

(This information furnished by Susan M Ramsay, Candidate.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722