State Representative

Will Boettner photo

Democrat (DEM)
Working Families (WFP)

  • Occupation: Water Resources Geologist/ Small Business Owner

    Occupational Background: Geologist; Vice President for Air Force Programs at CH2MHILL, Inc; Executive Director, Oregon Paleo Lands Institute; Senior Program Manager; Defense Programs Manager; Research Scientist

    Educational Background: B.A. History/Geology, University of Texas; Post Graduate studies in Geology

    Prior Governmental Experience: Fossil City Councilman; Chair, Wheeler County Planning Commission; Wheeler County Commission on Children and Families; Condon Chamber of Commerce; John Day River Economic Development Committee; Eastern Oregon Visitors Association

    Community Commitment: Volunteer Firefighter and EMT; Scoutmaster; Oregon Community Foundation Regional Action Initiative Group; Wheeler County Community Schools Board

    As a volunteer firefighter and EMT, Will Boettner doesn’t just go to meetings about helping Oregonians; he actually works to save lives and property.

    Boettner knows from experience that there are no political parties on a wildland fire, only dedicated, committed people working together. That’s the kind of representative we need in the legislature. Will knows that, until we elect people willing and able to work together for Oregon, nothing important will get done.

    Education and economic growth

    Families come first. Boettner knows that strong schools and communities are essential for Oregon’s growth, economy, and quality of life. This year, Will worked to get more than $450,000 awarded to central Oregon community schools… and he’s not even in the legislature yet! Investing in education will guarantee a stronger Oregon.

    Control Spending

    Unfortunately, Oregon’s budget process is out of control. Running multi-million dollar programs taught Boettner the importance of budgets based on real facts. We need a budget based on critical needs.

    Making tough decisions to represent voters and not special interests

    We now have state representatives who have forgotten that the needs of the citizens come first. “Our incumbent politicians cannot begin to solve Oregon’s budget problems because they are too closely tied to so many different special interests. When you accept an endorsement from a group, you must support their goals or you lied to them”. - Will Boettner

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Will Boettner.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722