Representative in Congress
earl blumenauer photo


Occupation: U.S. Congressman

Occupational Background: Administrator; Elected official

Educational Background: B. A.; J. D. Lewis and Clark College; Northwestern School of Law

Prior Governmental Experience: Representative from Southeast Portland, Oregon State Legislature; Board Member, Portland Community College; Multnomah County Commissioner; Portland City Commissioner; U. S. Congressman

Dear Friends;

Thank you for giving me the honor of serving you in Congress. There has never been a more interesting and challenging time. In the face of the politics and the pressures of Washington D.C., I'm working hard to represent your interests:

From health care to honoring our commitment to veterans, quality jobs and education for Oregonians, protecting the environment to national security, I will make sure election year promises do not fade away after the votes are counted.

During this critical time, I'm asking for your vote and your involvement as never before.

Locally, let's reject the misguided approach to take away the money from our schools, plunging them into crisis when we all should be working for long term solutions.

Reject efforts to confuse our land use laws, adding another layer of bureaucracy, cost and complexity to our land use protections. Let's continue to make them better, not more expensive.

Most important, work with me to make sure everybody understands what is at stake in this election and that they do their part. We can't afford to fall short in the most important election of our lifetime.

(This information furnished by Blumenauer for Congress.)