State Representative
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Occupation: International Businessman, Rancher, Reserve Military Officer

Occupational Background: Aviation, construction, dairy, forestry, military instructor

Educational Background: MBA, Oregon State University; BS, Western Oregon State College; Tillamook High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Lieutenant Colonel, Special Forces, US Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Central and Perrydale School District Budget Committees

Organizations: Boy Scouts of America (Eagle), Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Small Woodlands Association, National Guard Association, Elks

Family: Peggy, six children.

Character, leadership and real experience matters!

"I'm an independent minded constitutional republican who
was mobilized by Presidential Authority to active duty,
served in Iraq, and recently returned home to Oregon.
I believe in better education, supporting local businesses,
private property rights, affordable health care access,
respecting seniors, less government, local control, and life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Brian says Oregon needs jobs not higher taxes.

Brian says small businesses and property owners are over regulated by to much government bureaucracy.

Brian says save Oregon for our children not from our children.

Brian says public education is everybody's business and we need to work together to support our schools.

Brian is pro-veteran and is a veteran. Support our Oregon troops who are serving, and our Veterans who have served.

Brian says honor seniors. Safeguard their future. Rebuild ours.

Brian says prosecute criminals, enforce existing laws, and support the Oregon and U.S. Constitutions.

Brian supports the Second Amendment as a personal right.

Brian favors parental notification.

"A strong economy means supporting small businesses.
Oregon needs money for roads not rails. Oregon needs
classroom money not classroom bureaucracy. Oregon needs
common sense not political correctness.
Oregon needs Leadership!"

"I will provide leadership in the Oregon Statehouse. I am
asking for your vote this election."

Leadership That Counts - Boquist for State Representative

(This information furnished by Brian J. Boquist.)