State Representative
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Occupation: CEO, Multnomah Community Television

Occupational Background: Non-profit administrator

Educational Background: BA in Anthropology, University of Colorado; Masters of Divinity with focus on Ethics, Union Theological Seminary, New York

Prior Governmental Experience: Gresham Centennial Planning Committee, Gresham Police Advisory Committee, Governor's Task Force 2010.

Community Activities: East County Habitat for Humanity, Portland City Club K-12 Stable Funding Committee, Multnomah County Library Advisory Board, Oregon Public Affairs Network Board.

Endorsers: American Federation of Teachers-Oregon; SEIU Local 503, OPEU; Oregon League of Conservation Voters; United Transportation Union; Secretary of State Bill Bradbury; Troutdale Mayor Paul Thalhofer; Sharron Kelley, former Multnomah County Commissioner


"It's time to pay attention to people, instead of just
the big corporations."

—Rob Brading

Better Jobs. "Putting Oregonians back to work should be the legislature's top priority." Rob Brading will work hard to turn Oregon's stagnant economy around and create family wage jobs.

Better Schools. "The legislature pays lip service to education but doesn't fund it adequately." It's time to take school funding decisions out of Salem and put them back in our local communities. Rob Brading will work for stable funding and local control of our schools.

Better Access to Health Care and Affordable Prescriptions. "Too many Oregonians are just a medical emergency away from financial disaster." Rob Brading will stand up to pharmaceutical companies to keep prescription prices down and force health insurers to hold public hearings any time they want to raise rates.

A Better Voice for Us. "For too long, lobbyists and corporations have run things in Salem." Brading will fight to close loopholes that let big corporations like PGE/Enron pay only $10 in state taxes. Rob will crack down on lobbyists and oppose efforts to allow them to give gifts and free trips to legislators.

"Rob will stop the political stunts in Salem and start solving Oregon's problems."
       Sharron Kelley, former Multnomah County Commissioner

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