United States Senator
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Occupation: Industrial Control Systems Design/Marketing

Occupational Background: Engineering

Educational Background: BS Clarkson University

Prior Governmental Experience: Subjugated


Decades of compromise has left us with "two" political parties that have become so similar, it is nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other. With virtually no opposing power left in Washington, we are continually victimized by a lawless, one-party system that is driving us into moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

Our Constitution authorizes the federal government to: provide for the common defense, secure our borders, protect our God given rights - and very little else! While the legislative powers belong primarily to the states, our real government exists within the people, working in our communities, families and churches.

We have turned that design completely upside down, and have given near total power to the federal government. The experiment has failed, and …


My commitment is to follow the Constitution and only support legislation that falls under the clearly mandated role of Congress.

Key issues:

We invaded a country that posed NO threat to America. Many thousands of our soldiers are dead or wounded, we have squandered nearly two hundred billion dollars, and our reputation in the world has been irreparably harmed. We should pull every American soldier out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY!

Sanctity of Life
The humanity of the child in the womb is undeniable. We should mourn for the 44,000,000 children that have been murdered in the abortion holocaust. Their innocent blood is crying out for justice. May God have mercy on America when the payment is due.

Proper Role of Congress
Congress has been vested by our Constitution with very specific and limited powers. With few exceptions, those who serve us in Congress have refused to obey the law!

Tyrannical Courts
Congress has the exclusive power to make laws. We have allowed judges and courts to usurp this authority.

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(This information furnished by Dave Brownlow for Senate.)