State Representative
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Occupation: management consultant

Occupational Background: management consultant, database architect, author

Educational Background: BA Behavioral Science, College of the University of Chicago, 1986 with honors

Prior Governmental Experience: Past chair, Libertarian Party of Oregon; Past chair, Libertarian Party of Washington County; OLCC Business Partners Steering Committee.

Tom Cox = Low Tax

Tom is the only candidate in this race who fought against the Measure 30 tax increase, an assault on senior citizens, property, and your income. Tom's opponents either supported Measure 30 or voted for it. Instead of raising taxes, lets spend the money the state takes from us more efficiently. A lot of money is wasted - Oregon is the sixth highest spending state government. That means there are lots of chances to save money, improve services, and cut taxes at the same time.

Tom Cox for Fully Funding Education

Tom wrote and is promoting the "Fund Kids First Pledge," with the idea of fully funding K-12 education with the first dollars in the General Fund - before the money is spent on anything else. Our state government's top priorities are mandated by our state Constitution: Education and Public Safety. Tom will fully fund both of those vital areas first.

Tom Cox for Public Safety

Tom is a strong believer in public safety. Tom is a proud graduate of the Hillsboro Police Citizens' Academy, and supports our men and women in uniform.

Tom Cox for New Jobs

Oregon needs jobs. The way to create them is through lower taxes and less burdensome regulation. Tom has the management experience and background to make that happen. Tom is a proven consensus builder with a terrific track record of bringing people together around a shared vision.


Tom has been endorsed by Republicans for Cox, Democrats for Cox, Tami Mars (the Republican nominee for Oregon's third congressional district), and enjoys the support of prominent civic leaders.
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(This information furnished by Tom Cox.)