State Senator
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Occupation: State Senator; Developmental Director, Community Transitional School.

Occupational Background: Development Director; Hewlett Packard's Innovators in Education Program; Business Development, STOA Architects

Educational Background: Beaverton Schools graduate; B.A., University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Governor's Elder Abuse Task Force; Leadership Council, SMART Reading Program; Board, Portland Habitat for Humanity; Advisory Board, U.S. Internet Council.

Schools that Prepare Children for the Future

"Ryan gets it. He is leading the effort to invest in education and create a climate for job growth. That's why Oregon's High Tech industry named him Legislator of the Year."
-Jim B. Johnson, Business and Civic Entrepreneur, Former Intel VP

"Finally we have a Senator who shares our values, listens to us, and supports schools."
-Katja Freeborn, Aloha High School Teacher

Accountability for Our Tax Dollars

"As a lifelong Republican, I am proud to cross party lines and support Ryan because he builds consensus."
-Tom Hartung, Former Republican State Senator, Beaverton

Keeping our Community Safe

Public Safety Officers for Ryan Deckert:
-David G. Bishop, Beaverton Chief of Police
-Rob Gordon, Washington County Sheriff

(This information furnished by Friends of Ryan Deckert.)