State Representative
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Occupation: Web Designer, mother, homeowner, educator, family rights advocate

Occupational Background: former college professor, taught all levels of French language and literature at St. Olaf College and PSU

Educational Background: PhD, UCLA; high school diploma, Myrtle Point High, Myrtle Point, Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: no prior legislative experience, worked in public education system

Community involvement:

I will fight for basic, civil and constitutional rights for all citizens, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. I am interested in learning everything I can about the concerns of all citizens in District 42, and am committed to being an aggressive advocate for, and giving a voice to, the underrepresented, as well as those with concerns about education, the environment, employment, homelessness and other key issues affecting our district, and the entire state.

We need to stop letting legislators use children to blackmail voters, and make sure that the first tax dollars go to fund education. Government agencies need to be held accountable, and show they are using tax dollars wisely. Government programs that are found to be dysfunctional or corrupt should be eliminated.

It's time to break the silence around issues like child welfare fraud and other government abuses our legislators have been avoiding.

"A time comes when silence is betrayal" -Martin Luther King Jr.

I am ready, willing and able to confront any public official on allegations of government dysfunction, abuse or fraud.

Susan Detlefsen

(This information furnished by Susan Detlefsen.)