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Occupation: Technical consultant.

Occupational Background: Systems Administrator, Qwest; Minicomputer Operations Supervisor, US West; Facilities Manager, Pacific Northwest Bell.

Educational Background: B.A., Economics and Philosophy, Whitman College. David Douglas High School, Portland.

Prior Governmental Experience: 25 years in a large bureaucracy.

Community Involvement: Friends of the Reservoirs; Chief Petitioner for Citizens for Safe Affordable Water (C.S.A.W.); Libertarian Party of Multnomah County, Treasurer.

Oregonians pay more taxes, only get bigger Government.

An armed robber accosts Jack Benny on his comedy radio program.
"Your Money or your Life!" the robber demands. (LONG PAUSE)
"So, what's it gonna be, pal?"
"I'm thinking it over!"

It's funny in a radio sketch, but it is eerily similar to how our present crop of legislators acts each session. The truth is that your money IS your life.

Every legislative session between 1991 and 2001 the State's "All Funds" budget grew by +15%, +12%, +15%, +10%, and +14%, respectively. By 2001, it was double the 1991 level, going from $17.1 Billion to $34.0 Billion. Since 2001, as the taxpayer's incomes fell, the rate of State budget growth has slowed somewhat. The 2003-2004 "All Funds" budget is only 4% larger than 2001-2003. What was the legislature's solution? Ballot Measure 30, to Raise Taxes!

A New Solution to return us to fiscal discipline.

From 1991 to now, the cry has continually been that there is not enough money. It is way past time to for schools and public safety to be funded first, rather than use them as pawns to blackmail taxpayers. We can do better. I support the New Budget Coalition's (NBC) effort to have the House create a One Page Budget and demand that all spending and appropriation bills fit within it.

Isn't it time for common sense, cost effective, and constitutional state government?

It's your money. And, it's your life.

Eric Dickman

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