State Representative
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Occupation: Principal Managing Real Estate Broker

Occupational Background: Real Estate Field–approx 12 years; Business Owner–approx 10 years: Wood Products Industry–approx 12 years.

Educational Background: Medford High School; Southern Oregon College

Prior Governmental Experience: Presently–State Senator District #3; 7+ years Medford City Council, Council President, Council Vice President; SOREDI, President, Vice President; Vice Chair Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; First Chairman Governor's Pilot Partnership Program; Liaison Communication Advisory Committee, Multicultural Commission, West Medford Coalition; McLoughlin School Partnership; Board of Directors for Medford Senior Center, Hospital Facilities Board, Visitors and Convention Bureau, and League of Oregon Cities; Transportation Advisory Council

Budget Challenges

As a voice for southern Oregon, Sal Esquivel takes a common sense approach to budgetary matters. He believes that government must live within its means in today's uncertain economic climate.


Sal Esquivel believes the greatest investment we can make to ensure a healthy future is education. We need to provide ample funds to educate those who truly value education. Sal advocates funding go to the classroom, limiting administrative overhead and holding our education system accountable.

Seniors a Priority

Sal Esquivel has focused his energies on helping seniors within our community. He is active on the Medford Senior Center Board and was helpful in obtaining funding for the Senior Center through grants.

Safety in our Communities

Sal Esquivel will fight for victim's rights and work to tighten sentencing for repeat offenders. Sal supports more State Police on our roads and proper funding for our judicial system.

Stronger Economy

Sal Esquivel as past Vice President and President of SOREDI, firmly believes in the development of more family-wage jobs for our community. Sal is adamant about providing our children with good paying jobs so they have the option to remain in our community.


Authorized by the Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel
711 Medford Center, #178
Medford, OR 97504

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel.)