State Representative
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Occupation: Owner, JC Saddle Shop

Occupational Background: Rancher; Small Business Owner; Manager, U of O Recreation Center

Educational Background: BS, University of Oregon, Geography.

Prior Governmental Experience: Mayor, Junction City; City Councilor; Junction City Budget Committee member; Chair, Lane Educational Service District; LCC Budget Committee; Lane Council of Governments Board;

Bev Ficek—Horse Sense for Salem

Bev Ficek has raised a family, run a business and served as mayor of Junction City. She knows horse sense from nonsense. Her deep roots in our community will hold her feet firmly on the ground in Salem. Crazy ideas coming from the legislature won't blow her over and she won't horse trade with the corporate special interests at our community's expense.

Roping In Corporate Giveaways

Bev Ficek and her husband Gene worked hard and played by the rules to make their local saddle shop successful. She thinks it's wrong for the legislature to give out nearly $2 billion in corporate loopholes and tax breaks, especially to those who move jobs out of our state. Instead, she'll steer those funds into job training and investments for local businesses that keep jobs in our community along with a Rainy Day Fund to protect critical state services.

Stable Funding for Schools

Bev serves on the Junction City Budget Committee and is a former PTA President. She knows how to stretch state tax dollars to our schools. She'll close the stable door to special interest favors that drain our state's budget, stabilize school funding, and recruit and retain the best teachers to help our kids learn the basic skills they will need to succeed.

An Oregon As Healthy As A Horse

Bev believes the legislature has allowed HMO profits to come before our families' health. By driving down the cost of prescription medicine, protecting the Oregon Health Plan and providing in-home care to seniors, Bev Ficek believes health care can be affordable while keeping Oregonians healthy.

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(This information furnished by Friends of Bev Ficek.)