State Representative
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Occupation: Business owner

Occupational Background: Small business; Legal Assistant; Executive Assistant; Federal Highway Administration

Educational Background: Continuing Legal Education courses; Portland State University; Clackamas High School

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Vice Chair, Rules Committee; Vice Chair, Interim Education Committee; Precinct Committeeperson

Community Activities: Clackamas County Committee for Citizen Involvement; North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce

Linda Flores…A Leader for a State Spending Limit
Linda Flores pushed for a state spending limit during the last legislature. While Linda was pushing for a spending limit, her colleagues, led by Democrats, were pushing the largest tax increase in Oregon history.

Linda Flores…A Leader Against the Legislature's Record Tax Increase
Linda Flores fought against the massive tax hike the governor and Democrats pushed through the legislature. Linda wanted less spending, not more taxes. Measure 30, the tax increase, was nine taxes, not one, and included taxes on property, income, SUVs, and seniors. Linda Flores spoke and voted against the taxes.

Linda Flores…Fund Education First, Demand More Accountability
Linda Flores wants education funded first so it is less politicized. Likewise, Linda believes school budgets need to be prioritized and accountable. No longer can the legislature simply provide a blank check.

Linda Flores…Control Prescription Drug Costs, Make Healthcare Available to Seniors
The senior population is growing and few issues are more important than getting a handle on prescription drug costs and making sure healthcare is available to those who want and need it.

"Some believe that the solution to every problem is to throw money at it. Linda's commitment to crafting sound public policy, holding public agencies and the education establishment accountable, is like a breath of fresh air."

       Donald Starr
       Retired teacher and school principal
       Current VP, private alternative school

"I respect people who keep their word. Linda committed to work to limit the growth of government and tax increases, and to find efficiencies in government. She kept her word; I like that."

       Chip Sammons
       Owner, Holistic Pet Center

(This information furnished by Friends of Linda Flores.)