State Senator
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Roger F.


Occupation: Service Engineering Manager

Occupational Background: Technical and Business Management; US Navy Electronics Technician; Electronics Instructor

Educational Background: BS, Business Management

Prior Governmental Experience: None.


There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Somebody (the taxpayer) always has to pay. You should know where your tax dollars are going. I will fight for clear accounta-bility in state budgeting and in how programs perform against promises. I believe YOU are better able to decide how to spend your money than any government body is.

I will fight for lower state taxes. YOU SHOULD BE FREE TO DECIDE WHICH LUNCHES YOU PAY FOR.

Guarantee Our Rights – ALL of Them!

The ACLU fights for your constitutional rights, except for the 2nd Amendment. The NRA fights for your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I believe the 2nd Amendment is a linchpin of the Constitution, guaranteeing our rights don't become mere privileges, so I support both the ACLU and the NRA.

Freedom vs. Security

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." (Benjamin Franklin)

In a misguided attempt to protect us from those who would destroy our way of life, our government is threatening the freedoms that define that way of life. We're becoming what we're trying to protect against.

We DO need sensible security measures, but our precious civil liberties need not be trampled in the process.

We DON'T need to give secret tribunals the power to detain individuals indefinitely without formally charging them with a crime.

We DON'T need "sneak and peek" searches of our homes looking for evidence without our knowledge.

Certainly, our local police should cooperate in combating terrorism, but they should not become a mere extension of the federal police. I support Portland and other municipalities in their courageous refusal to comply with unconstitutional, illegal practices demanded by misguided federal authorities.

(This information furnished by Roger Garcia.)