State Representative
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Occupation: Nursery Owner/Manager

Occupational Background: Founder: Northwoods Nursery; One Green World

Educational Background: BA, Russian Language, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Molalla Community Planning Organization


JIM GILBERT HAS DEEP ROOTS IN OUR COMMUNITY   He has lived near Molalla and operated a successful nursery business for 22 years. As a small business owner he understands the importance of spending money wisely and working within a budget. We need his experience, leadership, and business-oriented common sense to get Oregon back to work.

JIM GILBERT SUPPORTS OUR FARMERS   Jim will work to expand markets for our farm commodities. He will fight to protect the fertile soils essential to the success of our farmers. Jim has pioneered the use of 100% vegetable oil Bio-Diesel, a clean-burning fuel that can be grown here in Oregon.

"Jim understands the needs of Oregon farmers.
He will do a great job representing us."
Steve Koch, Molalla area farmer

JIM GILBERT WILL HELP GROW OUR ECONOMY   Jim will encourage the creation of small businesses and will help existing businesses thrive. He is committed to bringing more good paying, full-time jobs to our communities. He will help bring tourism dollars to our district.

"Jim will help cut red tape to make it easier
to start and run a business."
Ivan Schuening, Oregon Valley Greenhouses

JIM GILBERT WILL WORK FOR OUR CHILDREN   Our children are the future of our communities. Jim is dedicated to providing them a high quality, well-rounded education. Jim will work hard to ensure that our schools receive secure and stable funding while making certain that our tax dollars are spent efficiently.

Jonathan Gibson, Mayor of Aurora
Mike Clarke, Mayor of Molalla
Thomas Bauman, Mayor of Mt. Angel
Larry Martin, Mayor of Scotts Mills
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Association for Retired Citizens
Scott Ashcom, Executive Director, Oregon Agricultural Alliance

(This information furnished by Friends of Jim Gilbert.)