Malheur County Judge
daniel p. joyce photo
Daniel P.


Occupation: Malheur County Commissioner, second term. Small Business Owner.

Occupational Background: Rancher; Rural Road District Foreman.

Educational Background: Juntura Grade School; Graduated from Vale High School in 1972.

Prior Governmental Experience: Juntura School Board Member; current Malheur County Commissioner 1998-2004.

Leadership Experience
1998-2004, County Commissioner
2001-2004, President, Oregon Farmers Union
1996-1997, President, Malheur County Cattlemen's Association
1982-2004, Active Member Malheur County Farm Bureau
1998-2004, Member Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Highlights of County Service
Petitioned for and acquired over $600,000. in P.I.L.T. money for Malheur County.
Fought against tax increases.
Built effective relationships with state and national government.
Currently works with: Fair Board, Weed Board, Watershed Council Commission on Children and Families Budget Board.
Currently supports S.A.F.E. Court program.
As County Judge, I will:
Work for efficient and beneficial use of tax dollars.
Fight for solid economic development.
Keep the county budget balanced.
Give Malheur County a better voice in state and federal government.

I was born and raised in Malheur County. My wife Susan and I have been married for 23 years. We have 3 sons, two in college and one in high school. We have been very involved in church, school and community functions.

My experience as a County Commissioner for the past 5 years has given me working knowledge of what to do as a County Judge. I would appreciate your vote in seeking the office of Malheur County Judge.

Dan is endorsed by:
Mike Mahony
Russell Hursh
Paul Skeen
George Rodriguez
Bruce Tuttle
Dr. Jim Boyle
Thomas D. Ogawa
Jack Fields
Nick Pascoe
Ramona J. Pascoe
Richard F. Eiguren
Margene Eiguren

"I have worked with Dan Joyce for several years. I believe Dan has the skills to be an effective county judge. Malheur County and Oregon would be well served were he to be elected."
Mike W. McArthur, Sherman County Judge

(This information furnished by Daniel P. Joyce.)