United States Senator
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Pacific Green

Occupation: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Medical Educator

Occupational Background: Clinical Instructor, OHSU School of Medicine and Nursing, Physician Assistant Division; Stress Reduction Clinic Director, OHSU and Legacy Emanuel Pain Management Clinics

Educational Background: 1991 BSN Nursing, California State University; 1994 MS Nursing, OHSU; 1995 Post-Masters Certification, OHSU

Prior Governmental Experience: None yet

Community Involvement: Treasurer, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility; Past Treasurer, American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Portland/Vancouver Chapter; President, Colony Homeowners Association

As your U.S. Senator, I will advocate for:

Stopping the war; bringing our troops home now: It's wrong to send our children to die for oil in Iraq. Unilateral invasions are wrong. I will work to reestablish the U.S. as a leader for human rights.

Single-payer universal healthcare: We are a wealthy nation, and can afford a comprehensive healthcare system for all.

Stop environmental destruction: I oppose commercial logging on public lands. We need a roadless policy in our national forests, and should support the Kyoto Protocol to prevent global warming.

Raise the minimum wage: We should provide living wages for all workers based on cost of living and a 40-hour work week. Repeal Taft-Hartley.

The Republican and Democratic parties are corrupted by corporate money. I'm a nurse practitioner, union member, and single mother. Send me to Washington, DC, I will work for a government that can't be bought.


(This information furnished by Teresa Keane.)