State Representative
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Occupation: Delivery Driver, Towne & Country Cleaners.

Occupational Background: Carpenter; Lifeguard; Coach; Swim Instructor; Cashier; Receptionist; Cold Storage, SOS Pear Factory; Farmer; Mechanic.

Educational Background: Rogue Community College; Pasadena City College; Rosemead High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chaplain's Assistant, U.S. Army.

Richard Koopmans will work for affordable, quality health care in Southern Oregon. He aims to improve OUR quality of life for all the residents of Southern Oregon.

Richard Koopmans will work for the highest quality education system we can afford. He will work for Oregon to have an education system that is second to none. Our future begins with our children and if we don't feed them all with a greater knowledge we are failing them, as well as ourselves.

Richard Koopmans will work to bring living wage jobs to Southern Oregon.

Richard Koopmans will work to represent ALL the people of Southern Oregon. He will go to Salem to safeguard the hopes and dreams of our bright future, as well as work to improve our quality of life. Richard has worked many different jobs, lived in many different places and known many different people throughout his life and all of this is what qualifies him to be the best choice for this position. He will make this job his life and give every effort he can to be a great state representative.

(This information furnished by Richard Koopmans.)