State Representative
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David E.


Occupation: Computer and Database Consultant

Occupational Background: Internet research & development, 1971-1977; Director of Computing, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, 1985-1995; Manager of Software Development, Analytical Computer Services; Instructor, Portland Community College, 1999 – present.

Educational Background: St. John's College, BA; University of Chicago MBA program.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chairman, Massachusetts Libertarian Party, 1974 – 1977; Candidate for Massachusetts State House, 1976.

As Oregon's government grows ever larger and more intrusive, the freedoms of Oregon's citizens are ever more diminished. Although my Democrat opponent is an honorable man with a distinguished record of public service, he is an advocate for larger government, higher taxes and an oppressive business climate. The proper role of government is to protect its citizens from force and fraud, not to regulate their personal and economic lives.

Fund essential services first: Fire, police, courts and other agencies of our justice system should be fully funded. Criminals should not be set free because courts and jails are underfunded.

Our schools, our future: As parents, we place the well-being of our children above all else, therefore, school funding should take priority over everything except essential services.

Environment: Pollution is a form of aggression against others. Any business or government agency that pollutes should bear the full cost of cleaning up our air and water.

Human Rights: I strongly support a woman's right to choose, Oregon's Death with Dignity law, and the right of any two people who care about each other to care for each other. I am opposed to ballot measure 36.

Abolish SAIF: Oregon has more important priorities than competing with private insurance firms. Yes on measure 38.

Compensate citizens when land-use restrictions reduce the value of their homes or land: Yes on measure 37.

(This information furnished by David Long.)