Representative in Congress
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Occupation: Chief Financial Officer

Occupational Background: Chief Financial Officer – Jewelry Mfg.; Project Manager; Various Accounting positions – Port Authority, Freight Forwarder, Environmental Consulting Firm, Treasurer – Highland UCC

Educational Background: Vanguard University, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

True Representation

Dear Friends,

Now is the time to bring true representation for Oregon's 3rd Congressional District. With my background and your community involvement, we possess the skills necessary to be effective representatives.

Jobs, Not Taxes

By restoring our skilled labor employment base, we increase tax revenues without increasing the tax burden. I will be working towards returning our skilled labor (both union and non-union) back to work.

Our entrepreneurial spirit builds our employment base and communities. I will support legislation, which provides guidance and assistance for new and existing small businesses.

Fiscal Responsibility

Your taxpayer's dollars mean a great deal to me. I will work diligently to exercise fiscal responsibility in order to ensure adequate funding for our necessary services.

Our Troops and Veterans

Our military troops have been deployed in a war, which was pre-determined by a handful of terrorists on September 11th. We must provide them the resources necessary to carry out their orders and seek ways to return them home.

When they return home, we should honor our commitment to our Veterans. For our National Guard members placed into combat zones, we should extend full veterans benefits.

Seniors and Disadvantaged Individuals

Congress needs to strengthen Social Security. I will embrace effective solutions, which would provide choices and economic benefit for the recipients.

Children and Education

An informed nation is one that is well educated and that begins with its leadership. I will support legislation that ensures a quality education for our children.

It would be my honor to represent you in Congress. By working together toward true representation, your voice will be heard in Congress. I will listen and appreciate your vote for me.



(This information furnished by Friends of Tami Mars.)