State Representative
cody mattern photo


Occupation: Fencing Coach

Occupational Background: Construction, Olympic Fencer

Educational Background: Some College

Prior Governmental Experience: Annoyed Taxpayer

Accountability in State Government

It doesn't take a Ph.D. to understand one of the most basic concepts in spending money—knowing if you're getting what you pay for, or even knowing what you're paying for. Despite 14 years of supposedly "fiscally conservative" Republican leadership in the Oregon Legislature, we've yet to get such basic accountability in our budgets.

Cody will fight for Performance Budgeting and Activity Costing in spending, forcing Salem to keep track of how it's spending your money. Cody questions the assumption that government should solve all of life's problems, and is actually willing to cut ineffective programs to check spending..

Gun Control and Public Safety

Cody believes the 2nd amendment is a linchpin of the Constitution, guaranteeing our rights don't become mere privileges. Studies have shown states with concealed weapons laws see a decrease in crime and violence.

Keep Government Out of Our Bedroom

Unlike Republican Suzanne Gallagher, Cody will not use the government to impose his religious views on you.

Education and Community

Cody understands each student is unique; and he'll fight for school choice.
So often, government "solutions" to our problems undercut the community ~ depriving private charities and individuals of the opportunity and responsibility to develop their own solutions; solutions that are historically more efficient and effective than government programs.

A vote for Cody sends a message that people want change in Salem, not just the same empty platitudes, broken promises and failed reforms. Democrats and Republicans both increase government spending. Both parties serve special interests, not Oregon taxpayers, and neither stands up for your civil liberties.

Cody understands that less government is better government. Cody believes in your ability to take care of yourself. Cody knows that less government and lower taxes means a vibrant economy that creates good jobs. Cody will fight for you, the Oregon taxpayer.

(This information furnished by Roger Garcia.)