Representative in Congress
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John C.


Occupation: President, Nature & Grace Incorporated. Homebuilder.

Occupational Background: VISTA Volunteer, 1977-79; Contractor/Carpenter, 1980-2004; Elementary School Teacher 1997-98.

Educational Background: BA, Government, Philosophy, College of William and Mary, 1977; Junior year, University of Reading, England 1976; Fifth Year, Elementary Education, Southern Oregon University, 1997.

Prior Governmental Experience: Democratic Precinct Committee Person; Oregon Platform Committee Representative, Democratic National Convention, 1988; Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress, 2002.

Family: I am the proud father of four children, ages 18-24. My wife Pepper and I have lived in Talent, Oregon, for 25 years.

As your Representative in Congress, I will work faithfully to:

  1. Defend the Constitution, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the rules of the Geneva Convention;
  2. Restore American credibility abroad by opposing pre-emptive war and encouraging international diplomacy and cooperation;
  3. Protect long-term national security by converting some military spending into aid to underdeveloped countries, and by reducing our dependence on foreign oil;
  4. Encourage respectful dialog and creative policies that affirm the sanctity and dignity of all human life;
  5. Stimulate the economy by reducing tax rates and health care costs for the self-employed, by promoting fair trade and unionization, and by demanding stiff penalties for corporate fraud;
  6. Promote a balanced budget through progressive tax reform;
  7. Develop a national health care program supported by employers, employees, and investors;
  8. Stabilize social security by eliminating loopholes that currently favor wealthy individuals;
  9. Support public education by opposing mandatory federal testing and promoting local control;
  10. Defend the environment by protecting national parks, old growth reserves, wilderness and roadless areas, and by promoting long-term stewardship of our air, water, land, and forests.

My campaign is financed without any special interest money, entirely by individual contributions. Our website address is

Let's use common sense to promote the common good, and reclaim a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

(This information furnished by John McColgan for Congress Committee.)